California hybrid buyers choose Toyota!

At both Toyota of Orlando and Toyota of Clermont, the 2013 Toyota Prius is an exceptionally popular choice for drivers in Central Florida. All of our new Toyota hybrids are popular, as a matter of fact, as they offer drivers great fuel efficiency and an easy way to go green. However, we’re not the only one noticing the upswing in the popularity of these go-green cars – a recent study showed that 61% of California hybrid drivers choose Toyota! What makes new Toyota hybrids in Orlando such a success all over the nation?

2013 Toyota Prius

Why are new Toyota hybrids best-sellers in California?

The numbers were gathered by R.L. Polk by taking a look at driver registrations, and the data showed that six out of every ten hybrids registered in the state of California were new Toyota options. The company stated that yes, competition in the hybrid field has gone up and is getting tougher by the minute. However, Toyota still manages to claim the top spot and hold its own in the arena of environmentally friendly cars! The closest competitor in California is Ford, but Toyota still outsells them with ease – according to the numbers, residents buy new Toyota hybrids five times more often than new Ford hybrids.

It’s no surprise, really – after all, Toyota was the first automotive company to dive headfirst into the world of hybrids. The Toyota Prius emerged in 1997 in Japan, making its way across the ocean to the US in 2000. Since then, it’s become the best-selling hybrid on the planet and three other members have joined its family – the compact Prius c, family-friendly Prius v, and ultra-efficient Prius Plug-in! However, those aren’t the only new Toyota hybrids in Orlando that you’ll find at our family of dealerships!

Explore all of our new Toyota hybrids in Orlando, including the new Toyota Prius!

Toyota didn’t stop with the Toyota Prius – they delved into hybrid models of their other vehicles as well! Here’s the breakdown of all the new Toyota hybrids you’ll be able to test drive at either one of our dealerships:

  • 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid: If you like the best-selling Toyota Camry, you’ll love its hybrid sibling! It offers amazing fuel efficiency (43 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway) alongside the qualities that make the original gasoline model the best-selling car in America!
  • 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid: If you need a new Toyota hybrid that has even more space than the Toyota Prius v, you’ve found it! The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is extremely similar to its gasoline counterpart, but boasts 28 mpg combined and ultra-low emissions to help you do your part in the green movement without even leaving the driver’s seat!
  • 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid: This new Toyota got a complete redesign for 2013, and three hybrid models were added to the line-up! Now you can have the same stellar and sophisticated style and incredible technology as the original model with a whole lot more efficiency. Test drive it today!

new Toyota in Orlando FL

Want to see any and all of these hybrid vehicles in person? Stop by Toyota of Orlando (3575 Vineland Road)  or Toyota of Clermont (16851 State Road 50) today! Our family will get you behind the wheel of a go-green vehicle in no time!