Why do you need car insurance in Orlando?

When you buy a new Toyota in Orlando you’ve got a lot of things to think about before you sign the dotted line! You have to consider how you’re going to finance the car, whether you should buy or lease, if you want to add on any packages or accessories, and just how incredible your new ride is going to look parked in your driveway (ok, so you don’t HAVE to consider that last one, but you know you will). However, before you hop behind the wheel you definitely need to consider your car insurance and whether your policy is well-suited to your Toyota. Luckily, at our family of dealerships we have skilled team members that can help you figure that out!

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Car insurance in Orlando is a must-have if you’re behind the wheel

Why do you even need car insurance, though? We know it can be aggravating to have to add another monthly bill to your plate but trust us – this is one bill you definitely need to pay. Did you know it’s actually illegal to operate a new Toyota in Orlando without car insurance? And did you know that you can be fined and ticketed if you get pulled over by a cop and don’t have insurance? Additionally, not having car insurance if you get in an accident can lead to a multitude of problems – your car can get impounded, you can lose your license, and you can be sued or even arrested. Obviously, car insurance in Orlando is a must-have, no matter why kind of car you’re driving!

What are the benefits of being insured when driving your new Toyota?

Orlando Toyota for saleEach state sets a particular minimum of what type of insurance you should have when you hit the road, so be sure to do your research and find out what policy you need. You should also opt for more extensive coverage – if you’re financing a new Toyota, then it might be required for you to up the ante a little bit in terms of your policy. However, don’t forget – there are a lot of perks to having car insurance on your Orlando Toyota!

  • It protects you from being pulled into liability lawsuits by other parties should you get into a car accident.
  • It also protects the money that you’ve sunk into your new Toyota! A car is a big investment, and you want to protect the equity that you’ve put into it. If you get into a car accident you might require extensive repairs for the damage, and those bills can add up!
  • It helps to alleviate medical bills and other costs associated with the accident, both for you and the other party. If you’re not insured, then you may be found responsible for those big bills and your wallet won’t be happy!
  • Car insurance is also useful if you happen to get into an accident where the other driver doesn’t have insurance to cover auto damage or medical bills for you – it usually will help alleviate those costs!

If you still have questions about how you need to be covered when behind the wheel of your new Toyota, then give us a call! You can reach Toyota of Orlando at (888) 725-3520, and Toyota of Clermont at (888) 590-6090. Let our family of dealerships help you get the coverage you need today!