What do your new Toyota’s dashboard lights mean?

Have you ever gotten behind the wheel of your new Toyota in Orlando and had a light come up on your dashboard? It can be pretty stressful – should you bring your car in for auto service now, or wait and see if the light turns off? Is it a serious problem that’s going to cost you a lot of money, or is it going to be a simple (and quick) fix? At our Toyota Service Centers in Orlando, we know how daunting those little tiny lights can be. That’s why we’ve taken the time to sit down with our trained Toyota technicians and go over what some of the most common ones mean, and how you should react!

new Toyota warning lights

You see a dashboard light in your new Toyota in Orlando – now what?

Anytime you see a light come on in your new Toyota’s dashboard, you should probably schedule auto service in Orlando with our family to have it checked. What might be a simple problem now can turn into a bigger and much more expensive one if you let it drag out, so why wait? Nip it in the bud and take care of it now! Here are some of the most common dashboard lights in your new Toyota and what they might mean:

Oil pressure light: OK, if you see this one light up while behind the wheel of your new Toyota in Orlando, pull over! You should turn your car off and check the oil levels – if they’re low, try to top them off. Get your car to one of our Toyota Service Centers as quickly as you can; an oil pressure problem can lead to very expensive damage in your engine, and you definitely don’t want to wait to have it remedied!

Check Engine light: This light can mean a multitude of things. One quick fix? Pull over and check the gas cap of your new Toyota – sometimes if it’s too loose it’ll make the light turn on. If your gas cap is securely closed and your light is still on, bring your vehicle to our Toyota Service Centers so we can pinpoint and remedy the problem.

Battery light: The battery light can indicate issues with your battery or your alternator; either way, it means your car is going to run out of juice soon and you’re going to be stranded, waiting for a jump. Be proactive and bring your car into our Toyota Service Centers to avoid all that hassle!

Tire pressure light: If this particular light comes on, you should pull over and check the air in your tires (we can also do this at our Toyota Service Centers for you). Fill them accordingly if they’re too low, and be sure to check that you don’t have any damage, like nails or holes. If the light doesn’t go off, you need to seek out professional advice so you can hit the roads safely!

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