Orlando Toyota Prius is one of the least-stolen cars around

It’s happened to all of us – you walk out to the parking lot, scanning the rows for your new Toyota in Orlando, and you can’t find it. More often than not it’s just parked a little further out than you remembered or you went out the wrong entrance, but it’s still the worst feeling in the world – your mind automatically jumps to the conclusion that your car has been stolen. We may not be able to help you remember where you parked your ride, but we can offer you a little peace of mind when it comes to car theft – one of our new Toyota options is actually one of the least-stolen cars in America!

New Toyota hybrid cars

The possibility of theft is low when it comes to this new Toyota hybrid in Orlando

Meet the Toyota Prius in Orlando! This exceptional new Toyota hybrid might seem like it’s a definite possibility for theft – it’s an innovative car that has a ton of technology both inside and under the hood, plus a fuel-efficient performance that saves a ton of gas money for its drivers. It’s definitely in high-demand, so you might think that it’s also a big risk when it comes to theft. Think again! Only 1 in 606 of these incredible cars are stolen, compared to an average of 1 in 78 for other makes and models!

Orlando Toyota Prius for saleWhat makes the Toyota Prius unlikely to be stolen?

Why isn’t the Orlando Toyota Prius stolen more? Basically, because it’s so innovative! We’ll break it down for you:

  • The Toyota Prius in Orlando didn’t hit the market too recently, especially when compared to long-time best-sellers like the Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla. This new Toyota hybrid didn’t actually start traversing the streets in the US until 2000, which means there are less of them out on the roads today (and thus, less of a need for chopped parts).
  • The parts on this hybrid are also pretty unique, as Toyota has installed the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System under the hood. This means that specific parts are needed to perform specific functions, and the parts can’t be sold to use in a different type of car (undercutting the profit opportunities that car thieves might find available).
  • The Hybrid Synergy Drive System found under the hood of the Toyota Prius is also pretty complex, making it more difficult to disassemble and reassemble, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the technology. This reduces the possibility of being able to use chopped parts at all.
  • It’s also been observed that because of the unique parts and process that takes place under the hood, Orlando Toyota Prius owners are more likely to service their hybrid at a dealership. Last time we checked, dealerships weren’t too big on buying chopped parts to use in their repairs and replacements!

If you want to see just how unique and innovative this new Toyota hybrid actually is, come on by our family of dealerships today! Both Toyota of Orlando (888-725-3520) and Toyota of Clermont (888-590-6090) have a huge selection and carry the entire Toyota Prius family…. and they’re both open seven days a week for your convenience! See you soon!