Why get routine auto service in Orlando?

When was the last time you took your car in for an oil change in Orlando? If you can’t remember, then you might be due for service. Our Orlando family of dealerships is a big advocate of our customers getting routine auto service for their vehicles – having your new Toyota or used car maintained on a consistent basis is absolutely essential to making sure it has a long life that’s void of repairs. Did you know that both Toyota of Orlando and Toyota of Clermont have state-of-the-art Toyota Service Centers? These members of our family make it easy for you to maintain your car at an affordable price. However, why is routine auto service in Orlando so important?

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  • Oil changes are essential – oil is the lifeblood of your car, so getting your auto service on a regular basis is vital. Oil keeps your engine lubricated so it doesn’t overheat. The engine has metal-to-metal contact, and any unnecessary friction can cause your engine to seize or even meld together. Clean oil is a must, as is having the correct amount oil in your engine. Toyota of Orlando can help; they perform routine multi-point inspections where they’ll check your oil levels and inform you if they’re too low, or if the oil is getting too dirty. They’ll also keep track of your oil change schedule and let you know when you’re due for one!
  • Tire rotations and inflation are also another important part of your new Toyota or used car’s routine auto service in Orlando. Did you know that having tires that are unbalanced or underinflated can have serious repercussions? It can lead to uneven wear on the tires and majorly reduced tread – both of which can result in loss of traction AND reduced fuel efficiency. The Toyota service center can rotate, balance, and inflate your tires whenever you need, and during the routine inspections conducted they can tell you when you’re due for a new set (and don’t forget – both auto service centers offer price matching on tires and amazing specials!).

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  • Having your brakes checked is a third element of routine auto service that’s essential. Can you imagine having brakes that aren’t performing top notch? It’s imperative to have your brakes checked regularly, as well as have the brake pads replaced when necessary. Brake pads typically last about 30,000 – 50,000 miles, but it varies depending on your vehicle and drive times. If your brake pads wear down and you continue to drive you can do major damage to your brake rotors, which leads to very costly repairs (and reduced performance capabilities until they’re fixed – not something you want to mess with).

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Getting your routine auto service with our family of dealerships is an easy and affordable way to make sure your vehicle is always running at peak performance. Both Toyota Service Centers offer amazing auto service specials on everything from batteries to tune-ups, and they’ll send you helpful reminders whenever you’re due for a service appointment! Make it easy on yourself AND your vehicle – get your service at our family of dealerships! Toyota of Orlando’s service center is up and running, and you can schedule your appointment today at (888) 945-0493, and Toyota of Clermont is coming soon!