Your check engine light is on – what now?

One of the worst feelings in the world has to be when you see your check engine light come on. No matter what you’re driving, you get that sinking feeling – what’s wrong? What’s causing it to light up? How long will it take to fix and more importantly, how much money? Luckily, our family of dealerships has two great Toyota Service Centers where you can bring your Orlando Toyota in for a check-up and get affordable and efficient maintenance and auto service. However, to help put you at ease just a bit while you wait for your service appointment, we’re exploring the check engine light and some of its most common causes!

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When should you schedule auto service in Orlando?

When that light flashes on the dash, don’t panic. There are a lot of factors behind it, and it may be something more trivial than you think. However, you should never ignore it, as this may just allow for the problem to compound. Instead, confront it head on! The first thing you should do is stop, park your car, and get out to check your gas cap. Believe it or not, a loose or faulty gas cap can cause the check engine light to illuminate, so inspect yours before you schedule auto service for your vehicle!

However, if that doesn’t do the trick, here are some of the other main causes that you’ll need to get checked out at our Toyota Service Centers in Orlando:

  • Spark plugs: You may need a new set of spark plugs on your ride, and luckily for you our family of dealerships offers this auto service at a great price! These little parts allow for the spark to jump into your engine to initiate combustion – pretty essential to get things moving!
  • Oxygen sensor: This tool helps to measure just how much fuel is being used by your vehicle, by keeping an eye on the unburned oxygen from the exhaust. When one of them poops out, it can up your emissions (bad for Mother Earth) and also cut down on fuel efficiency (bad for your wallet). Schedule this auto service with our family and get things taken care of with ease!
  • Mass Airflow Sensor: It sounds daunting, we know. However, not only do we offer this auto service in Orlando, we’re also here to explain it. Basically, this component measures the air coming into the engine and then turns around and tells your car how much fuel it should be adding. It’s essential for fuel efficiency, performance, and keeping your car running in top notch condition!
  • Catalytic Converter: Another part that sounds like it’s straight out of Back to the Future. However, this part cuts down on those exhaust gases that contribute to the formation of smog, so you definitely want to ensure it’s doing its job. Luckily, you can schedule this auto service with us too!

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Have questions or need to make a service appointment? Visit either Toyota of Orlando (3575 Vineland Road) or Toyota of Clermont (16851 State Road 50) to have your vehicle taken care of today. Our Toyota Service Centers are open seven days a week, and even offer amazing service specials to help you save big! Don’t ignore your check engine light – let our family help you!