Toyota introduces the FT-1 sports car concept!

If you’re a fan of the Orlando Toyota 2000GT, or wish you could get your hands on an old Toyota Supra, then you’re probably going to be pretty excited about Toyota’s latest concept car! The automotive giant released the Toyota FT-1 this week at the Detroit Motor Show, and showgoers were absolutely thrilled when they saw this incredible concept car. It’s sleek, it’s sporty, it’s sophisticated, and it looks like it could take on the track without breaking a sweat. We REALLY hope we see this new Toyota in Orlando at some point in the future – preferably the near future.

new Toyota FT-1

Will we see the new Toyota FT-1 in Orlando anytime soon?

The Toyota FT-1 is a concept that was designed around excitement – Toyoda himself wanted to create a car that people had to have. This new Toyota concept definitely fits the bill – just look at it! FT stands for Future Toyota, and 1 stands for… well, #1, a spot that we don’t think this vehicle would have a problem capturing if it were to be put into mass production! Toyota of Orlando and Toyota of Clermont both took a long, hard look at this new Toyota to see exactly what makes it so incredible, and we’ve got details to share!

  • This new Toyota boasts 21 inch alloy wheels, a significant bump up in size from what you would see on most of our new Orlando Toyota options. It also showcases an oversize design – according to Toyota, it’s supposed to be 110% the size of a normal car, giving it a larger than life presence!
  • You’ll find fluid lines and exaggerated curves on the exterior, as well as a wraparound glass windshield that sort of makes the interior cabin look and feel like a cockpit. A dynamic rear wing (that’s also retractable) enhances aerodynamics; in fact, the entire car is based around the aerodynamics, as the design contributes to speed.
  • The new Toyota FT-1 also features LED headlights, a rear diffuser, and special mirrors that reduce drag for more get-up-and-go.
  • The interior of the new Toyota FT-1 has the aforementioned cockpit feel, and also has highlights like a Head-Up Display, as well as a steering wheel that has information about your drive time (like what gear you’re in, your speed, and the car’s driving mode).

 Orlando Toyota concept car

We didn’t get too many details about performance, as Toyota is keeping them under wraps for now. However, we do know that the car will most likely have paddle shifters; we also know that whatever engine ends up under the hood, it would be an extremely powerful one to match the car’s impressive appearance. The hood of this new Toyota actually has a clear panel in it, which hints that high performance parts will be put into play!

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